The Cuisine

Koshō Restaurant at The Barlow is a modern Japanese and sushi restaurant in Sebastopol with a progressive focus on food, local ingredients, and sustainability. We utilize local purveyors for fresh produce and meats as well as national and international providers for fresh seafood and sushi grade fish. 

Koshō derives its moniker from the condiment of the same name, Yuzu Koshō. Known for its spicy, acidic and balanced nature, it appears throughout the menu in various forms; including Meyer lemon, grapefruit, and satsuma orange koshō.

Our chef, Jake Rand, has traveled to many of the famous markets in Japan and has a vast knowledge of selecting top ingredients and the freshest fish and has over 20 years of experience preparing them. 

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The Space

Koshō features counter seating at the sushi bar so that guests can interact with the chef, providing a fun and inviting atmosphere. Koshō had 12 seats around the sushi bar providing the guest in an interactive ‘chef’s table’ experience. Additional seating consists of tables for groups of 2-4 people as well as larger tables to accommodate larger parties. 

Koshō also has an outdoor garden lounge where guests can wait for a table, enjoy a glass of wine, or indulge in some of our lighter fare. 

The beverage program consists of sake, beer, and innovative non-alcoholic ‘mocktails.’ Working together with the chef, our Beverage Director looks to local producers of beer, wine, and sake to create a fun and sophisticated menu and atmosphere. Utilizing knowledge of California wine country, the restaurant offers beverage pairings that complement and enhance your dining experience. 

Sushi Koshō

At The Barlow

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